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Landmark Surveys

The Inaugural Black Corporate Directors Study

Ariel Study of Fortune 500 Black, Latino and Latina Board Members Shows Companies Still Struggle to Operationalize Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Goals, Despite Greater Board Diversity

In September 2021, Ariel Investments commissioned a study of 151 Black, Latino and Latina Fortune 500 corporate directors who virtually attended the Black Corporate Directors Conference.

Ariel Investments founded the Black Corporate Directors Conference with Russell Reynolds in 2002 to develop best practices, foster corporate diversity and inclusion, and encourage Black Fortune 500 directors to promote the civil rights agenda within their respective boardrooms. Twenty years later, the conference is highly attended today by Black, Latino and Latina Fortune 500 corporate board members, made possible by a partnership between Ariel, Russell Reynolds, and Deloitte.

Black Investor Surveys

Historical Black Investor Surveys

Saving and Investing Among Higher Income African-Americans and White Americans

The main objectives of this research are the following:

  • Identify similarities and differences between middle-class African-Americans and Whites with regard to saving and investing.
  • Examine the factors, particularly past influences and underlying beliefs, that may impact how African-Americans and Whites think about financial matters.
  • Determine any shifts in attitudes or behaviors over time.
  • Assess the expectations and issues that African-Americans and Whites face in their financial futures.

The Ariel/Aon Hewitt Study (April 3, 2012)

A Study of 401(k) Savings Disparities Across Racial and Ethnic Groups Following the Great Recession

The Ariel/Aon Hewitt study, 401(k) Plans in Living Color II, examined the defined contribution plans of 60 large U.S. organizations, representing 2.4 million employees. The results reveal retirement plans of African-Americans and Hispanics were hit especially hard during the Great Recession. Key recommendations are outlined for policy makers and employers to help minority workers adequately prepare for retirement.

The Ariel/Hewitt Study (July 7, 2009)

A Study of 401(k) Savings Disparities Across Racial and Ethnic Groups

This ground-breaking study is the most in-depth analysis of 401(k) data by race and ethnicity. The study examined retirement savings patterns for 3 million participants at 57 of the largest companies in the U.S. The results were truly astounding. Race or ethnicity deeply influences an individual’s retirement readiness. The study provides concrete recommendations for employees, employers and the government to help fix this retirement gap. Many of these recommendations are currently being adopted by various government agencies, employers and employees.