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Ariel Investments has expanded into the Asia Pacific and MENA regions with its first offshore office in Sydney. The Ariel Global Product, launched in 2011 under seasoned investor Rupal Bhansali, brings a patient, long-term investing approach to the Asia Pacific marketplace. Based in New York, Rupal and her team have an emphasis on generating attractive absolute and relative returns while seeking to limit downside risk.


Ariel Global in the News

Why Apple is a Crowded Trade
Rupal Bhansali discusses the risk that is not priced in Apple and explains why Telecommunication companies are the new "consumer staples"
Why Cash Is Still Rupal Bhansalis Favorite Contrarian Investment Pick
Rupal Bhansali describes her take on cash as a contrarian investment pick and highlights one of her favorite sectors—Telecommunication Services
Why Cash is a Contrarian Pick
Rupal Bhansali discusses the market’s focus on earnings risk and how her biggest contrarian pick right now is cash
Weighing Risk and Reward
Rupal Bhansali discusses the hidden risks in passive investing and how she balances risks/rewards in today’s markets
Chaim Schneider
Director of Research for International & Global Equities Chaim Schneider discusses the research process for the Ariel Global Strategy
Value of a Business vs. Value of a Stock
Rupal Bhansali takes an in depth look at the distinction between a stock’s valuation and the value of its business
Rupal Bhansali
Portfolio Manager Rupal Bhansali shares her unique approach to managing risk
Mellody Hobson at AISTs Conference of Major Superannuation Funds
Mellody Hobson discusses lessons learned, patience, diversity and more
Mellody Hobson on Race and Teaching Children Financial Literacy
An in-depth and personal profile of Mellody Hobson
Super Funds Too Concerned about Equity Volatility
Rupal Bhansali believes current market volatility represents contrarian investment opportunities for patient investors
Rupal Bhansali
Ariel Investments announces its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region with its first offshore office to be established in Sydney
Rupal Bhansali
An in-depth look at Ariel International Fund and Ariel Global Fund with Portfolio Manager Rupal Bhansali
Rupal Bhansali
Rupal J. Bhansali warns investors and advisers who chase stability that they may actually be swapping one risk for another

Ariel Investments is a limited liability company organized under the laws of Delaware, USA. ARBN: 605 418 120

Portfolio Manager
Rupal J. Bhansali
Chief Investment Officer, International & Global Equities
Portfolio Manager
Level 36, Gateway Tower
1 Macquarie Place
Sydney, NSW 2000
+61 2 8075 4554
Ian M. Webber
Ian M. Webber
Senior Vice President Asia Pacific & MENA
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