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Invaluable Insights 2021 Replay



Legendary value investors from Ariel Investments, Artisan Partners, GAMCO Investors, Harris Associates, Miller Value Partners and Southeastern Asset Management hosted the second installment of “Invaluable Insights” — a virtual discussion on Thursday, January 7, 2021.

During a dynamic 90-minute conversation moderated by Ariel’s Mellody Hobson, leading asset managers discussed and debated: predictions for 2021; the market’s reaction to civil unrest as the U.S. transitions to a new presidential administration; the challenges of managing portfolios during a global pandemic; value vs. growth stocks, and much more. With an average tenure of more than 34 years, these seven practitioners represent firms that collectively manage over $300 billion in assets:

  • Rupal J. Bhansali
    CIO, Global Equities | Ariel Investments
  • G. Staley Cates
    Vice Chairman | Southeastern Asset Management
  • Mario J. Gabelli, CFA
    Founder, Chairman, CEO | GAMCO Investors, Inc.
  • David G. Herro
    Partner, CIO – International Equity and Portfolio Manager | Harris Associates
  • Bill Miller
    Chairman & CIO | Miller Value Partners
  • Daniel J. O’Keefe
    Managing Director | Artisan Partners
    Founding Partner of the Artisan Partners Global Value Team
  • John W. Rogers, Jr.
    Chairman, Co-CEO and CIO | Ariel Investments

Investing in small- and mid-cap stocks is more risky and volatile than investing in large-cap stocks. The intrinsic value of the stocks in which the Funds invests may never be recognized by the broader market. The Funds are often concentrated in fewer sectors that their benchmarks, and their performance may suffer if these sectors underperform the overall stock market. Investments in foreign securities may underperform and may be more volatile than comparable U.S. stocks because of the risks involving foreign economies and markets, foreign political systems, foreign regulatory standards, foreign currencies and taxes. The use of currency derivatives and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may increase investment losses and expenses and create more volatility. Investments in emerging markets present additional risks, such as difficulties in selling on a timely basis and at an acceptable price. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

In this interview, the portfolio managers at Ariel Investments and other value investing firms candidly discuss individual securities, sectors, and markets. The opinions expressed are current as of the date of the interview, but are subject to change. The information provided does not constitute information reasonably sufficient upon which to base an investment decision and should not be considered a recommendation to purchase or sell any particular security. This material should not be considered an offer for any of the securities referenced. The information contained in the interview is not guaranteed as to its accuracy or completeness.

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