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A Focused Approach to Value

Charlie Bobrinskoy discusses his philosophy and approach to value investing

In this video, Mr. Bobrinskoy candidly discusses his investment strategies and his viewpoints on risk and stock selection. His opinions were current as of the date of the interview, but are subject to change. This material should not be considered an offer for any of the securities referenced. The information provided in the video does not provide information reasonably sufficient upon which to base an investment decision and should not be considered a recommendation to purchase or sell any particular security.

Ariel Focus Fund (the “Fund”) is a non-diversified fund, and therefore may be more volatile than a more diversified investment. Investing in equity stocks is risky and subject to the volatility of the markets. Investing in small and mid-cap stocks is more risky and more volatile than investing in large cap stocks. The intrinsic value of the stocks in which a portfolio invests may never be recognized by the broader market.

In this segment, Charlie Bobrinskoy discusses a number of stocks held in Ariel Focus Fund at the time of his interview. These stocks do not represent all of the holdings in the Fund. Portfolio holdings are subject to change. The performance of any single portfolio holding is no indication of the performance of other portfolio holdings of Ariel Focus Fund. Click here for current holdings information for Ariel Focus Fund.

An economic moat is a perceived competitive advantage that acts as a barrier to entry for other companies in the same industry. This perceived advantage cannot protect investors from the volatility associated with stocks, incorrect assumptions or estimations, declining fundamentals or external forces. Ariel’s proprietary moat rating mentioned was current at the time of the interview, is subject to change, and is based on information, assumptions and estimations that were current at that time.