The Money 50
The Money 50
Ariel Appreciation Fund makes Money's list of recommended funds.
Three Years of Global Investing at Ariel
Three Years of Global Investing at Ariel
Portfolio Manager Rupal Bhansali reflects on the last three years, and looks to the future.
Turtle Time with Tim Fidler
Turtle Time with Tim Fidler
An in-depth look at Ariel Appreciation Fund with Portfolio Manager Tim Fidler.
Valuation and Recovery
Valuation and Recovery
John W. Rogers, Jr. looks for opportunities in undervalued stocks.
Road to Profits Amid an Aging Bull
Road to Profits Amid an Aging Bull
Rupal Bhansali discusses her market outlook for 2015 with USA Today.
Mellodys Mail
Investing at Ariel: With or Without a Financial Advisor
Do you need an advisor to open an Ariel account? What's the minimum investment amount?
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Monthly Commentary
Three years of global investing at Ariel
Mutual Fund Quarterly Commentary
Portfolio Commentary for the quarter ended December 31, 2014
Separate Account Quarterly Commentary
Portfolio Commentary for the quarter ended December 31, 2014
Fact Sheets
Quarterly overview and performance summary as of 12/31/14
Final income distributions and final capital gain distributions are now available.
Find tax form information, mailing dates, and which forms apply to you.
David Maley
Ariel Investments Portfolio Manager David Maley answered your questions. Read the full Q & A.
3 Fallen Angels With Solid Fundamentals
"It's a good time to look for companies whose stocks have fallen." - John W. Rogers, Jr. in Forbes.
Inflation Preparation
How Charles Bobrinskoy positioned his fund for an inflation environment.
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