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Financial Tips for College Students

Make sure your college student is prepared to manage their own finances.

Marriage and Income

In theory, you share everything in marriage, but in practice, more and more couples are talking less and less about their finances—it’s a dangerous trend as money is a leading cause of marital conflict and divorce.

Diversification - Don't put all your eggs in one basket

You work long and hard to save and invest for your retirement. Find out why it’s essential to diversify and avoid risking everything on a few investments.

Market Timing: Is There a Perfect Time to Enter the Market?

Most professionals could not predict whether the stock market will close up or down next week, or even the next business day! That said, is there ever an ideal time to invest in the stock market?

It Doesn't Take as Much as You Think to Start Investing

History has shown the stock market remains the country’s greatest engine for building wealth over time. Yet, many individuals feel it requires significant amounts of money to start investing. Well, you may be surprised to learn this is not always the case.

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