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Understanding the Recent Stock Market Jitters
Mellody Hobson on the Tom Joyner Morning Show Money Mondays
Mellody reminds us that market bumps shouldn’t deter us from our long-term investing goals.

The Economy Hits a Huge Milestone

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Mellody discusses the features that set this economic expansion apart.

Reverse Mortgages Are Hitting Black Americans Hard

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Mellody discusses the pitfalls of borrowing against your home equity.

How New Tariffs on China Will Affect You

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Mellody discusses some of the most likely impacts of trade tariffs on consumers.

GDP Growth Was Strong in the First Quarter of 2019

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Mellody discusses the causes and impact of GDP growth.

The Current Bull Market Turns 10

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Mellody recaps the notable market growth over the last 10 years.

Minimum Wage Rates Are on the Rise Around the Country

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Mellody explains how a rising minimum wage could have far-reaching impacts in the economy.

Some Jurisdictions Are Fighting the Cashless Trend

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Mellody describes how a cashless future can be a disadvantage to the unbanked.

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