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Top Picks from Top Pros: Finding Bargains in Energy Stocks and Industrials
Top Picks from Top Pros
Co-portfolio managers John W. Rogers, Jr. and Tim Fidler, share their investment strategy and top stock picks for Ariel Appreciation Fund, a member of the MONEY 50.
by John W. Rogers, Jr.
Jan 20, 2016

"As a value investor I care about the difference between price and value, not the difference between today’s price and one three months ago." - John W. Rogers, Jr. in Forbes

Morningstar Magazine
October, 2015

Ariel International Fund marks Ariel Investments’ first foray into foreign-stock investing.

Value Investor Insight
July 31, 2015

John Rogers, Charles Bobrinskoy, Timothy Fidler, Kenneth Kuhrt and John Miller discuss patient investing, how they navigate challenged businesses, and what they think the market is missing.

July 25, 2015

Rupal Bhansali shares stock picks, where she finds value in China, and why currency volatility should be a priority for you.

July 2015

Ariel Fund and Ariel Appreciation Fund make Morningstar's list of funds that have dialed down volatility.

by John W. Rogers, Jr.
May 27, 2015

"Don’t be afraid to deviate from the norm, invest in contrarian stocks in which you have high conviction, and be very patient." - John W. Rogers, Jr. in Forbes

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