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Charlie Bobrinskoy
Vice Chairman, Head of Investment Group
Portfolio Manager

He was a Frugal Five-Year-Old

Charlie Bobrinskoy learned to be frugal at a young age. It was a value instilled in him by stories his grandfather told of losing everything in war torn Russia and subsequently immigrating to the United States. Sitting on his grandfather’s knee, he heard recollections of unimaginable hardship and loss; but also hard work and steady achievement. Sometimes startling, often cautionary, the stories pointed to thrift as a master strategy of both survival and success.

Charlie was drawn to economics in high school. But it was as an economics major at Duke University that he distinguished himself among his peers – especially in his choice of role models. While his classmates admired industry daredevils and risk takers, Charlie revered those like his grandfather who succeeded with frugality and thrift – people like J.P. Morgan, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and, of course, the “Father of Frugality” himself, Ben Franklin.

As an MBA student at the University of Chicago and over the course of an illustrious career, Charlie translated his thoughtful disposition into a value-oriented investment strategy based on buying great companies at significant discounts. Prior to joining Ariel in 2004, Charlie spent 21 years as an investment banker at Salomon Brothers and its successor company Citigroup. While there, he rose to managing director and head of North American investment banking branch offices and had the distinction of managing approximately 100 professionals across six North American branches, including Chicago.

Charlie decided to join Ariel Investments in 2004 because its patient, value-based investment philosophy aligned perfectly with his meticulous approach to investing. Today, Charlie oversees the firm’s domestic investment team and its proprietary research.

To this day, the early influence of Charlie’s grandfather lives on. It lives on in Charlie’s careful approach to valuation, and in his dedication to the first rule of investing: never lose money.

As far as Charlie is concerned, frugality never gets old.

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Charlie Bobrinskoy
Domestic Research Team
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