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Market Timing: Is There a Perfect Time to Enter the Market?
Market Timing

Most professionals could not predict whether the stock market will close up or down next week, or even the next business day! That said, is there ever an ideal time to invest in the stock market?

At one point or another, we have all wondered how others have become successful investors. What did they do?

"Buy low, and sell high.""

The concept is simple enough; it's the execution of this principle that is challenging. It is very difficult to predict when a stock will go up or down, and trying to successfully "time" your purchases and sales - known as market timing - is nearly impossible.

The truth is, no one, not even the greatest investors, knows with 100% certainty what the future holds in the stock market.

So forget about finding the best day, the best week or even the best hour to invest. The key is to focus on the long-term and seek out quality companies with quality products and services, and strong management teams. Remember, a patient, disciplined investor with an eye on the long-term will be well poised to benefit from the market over time.

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