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Summer Savings

Before the summer really heats up, here are a few suggestions to help you keep your financial cool.

Have an "away" setting for your thermostat. Although it's nice to come back to a cool home, it's often not worth the expense to keep the AC on while you're away at work. Instead of keeping it at 73 degrees all day, try moving it up to 80 degrees while you're gone and bringing it back down you get back home. And don't forget to replace your air-conditioner filters. These are often cheap to buy and can really improve your airflow. Also, if you already have ceiling fans in the house, be sure to use them too - they can efficiently circulate the air and save on cooling costs.

Lastly, use your grill. Cooking on the grill outside is not only a summer pastime, it's also a money saver. When you cook indoors, you're likely to heat up both your food and your home. And we already know it costs money to keep your house cool. Instead, enjoy the outdoors and if you must cook inside, consider using a toaster oven for smaller amounts of food.

Most importantly, relax and have fun during the summer!! Before you know it, the cold grip of winter will have us digging out our coats again.

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